Emblem Highest Quality International 2016Emblem Highest Quality International 2016


For the second time Dr.Marcus International has won Emblem Highest Quality International - QI product: car air fresheners. Organizers: Business Forum and Business Trends realize the program of competition under the patronage of Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Polish Committee for Standardization and the Cracow University of Economics - Department of Quality Management.


ISO 9001:2008 Certificate for Dr.Marcus InternationalISO 9001:2008 Certificate for Dr.Marcus International


In 2015 Dr.Marcus International received a Certificate ISO 9001:2008 issued by the Management Systems Certification Bureau of the Polish Register of Shipping regarding the Quality Management System for manufacture, designing and packaging car air fresheners.

The Certificate remains valid until 9 November 2018 and thereby acknowledges compliance of Dr.Marcus International with the highest international standards for company operations. Its products meet high customer expectations all over the world while the producer guarantees their high quality and repeatability.



Emblem of the best Quality International Award 2014Emblem of the best Quality International Award 2014


Dr. Marcus Company was awarded in 2014 with Najwyższa Jakość International Award. Thus once again confirmed the high quality of our products.

A nationwide competition program is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, Club Polish Forum ISO 9000 and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. Its initiators are the Business Forum and Business Trends.


 Grand Prix Laur Konsumenta 2014 dla Dr.MarcusConsumer Laurel Grand Prix Consumer Laurel Grand Prix


In January 2014 Dr.Marcus International won the Consumer Laurel Grand Prix. It is a Polish nationwide plebiscite of the best brands and an indicator of the most popular ones in the market. The award of the Consumer Laurel Grand Prix is the top recognition for the company and acknowledgment of perception of its product as reliable goods by customers.

Dr.Marcus has already been a prize-winner of the Consumer Golden Laurel and Consumer Golden Emblem with Laurels in the category of car air fresheners. This year’s Grand Prix awarded to the company from Kalisz is an excellent résumé of the saying If you don’t know which product is the best, ask the customer.

Business GazellesGazele Biznesu 2012

Gazele Biznesu (Business Gazelles) is a prestigious ranking of the fastest growing small and medium companies. Dr.Marcus International has been awarded in 2012.

The authors of the ranking reward a company of extremely dynamic development which is able to operate among much bigger competitors.

The annual Business Gazelles ranking is provided by recognized polish economic newspaper "Puls Biznesu", and its aim is to promote small and medium enterprises.


Złote Godło - Laur Klienta- Customer’s Laurel

Złote Godło - Laur Klienta- Customer’s Laurel


Dr.Marcus International has been awarded with 2010 Laur Klienta in the category of car air fresheners.
This is a distinction awarded in the course of a voting by Polish customers. It confirmed that products offered by Dr.Marcus  are leaders in its category.

Złoty Laur Klienta – Customer’s Golden Laurel

Złoty Laur Klienta – Customer’s Golden Laurel


Laur Customer’s Laurel is the biggest Polish customer’s competition which selects the most popular products and brands in various categories.  
It gives the answer which products and services are most popular and enjoy customers’ trust.  
In 2009 Dr.Marcus International received a distinction in the category of car air fresheners.


Professional monthly „Stacja Benzynowa"

Ztacja Benzynowa

Professional monthly „Stacja Benzynowa" aimed at petrol industry awarded products offered Dr.Marcus International in the „Car cosmetics and accessories” category.


„Consumers’ Quality Competition „Najlepsze w Polsce" -The Best in Poland"

Consumers’ Quality Competition
„Najlepsze w Polsce" -The Best in Poland"


„Najlepsze w Polsce" – „The Best in Poland" is a Consumers’ Quality Competition with a long-lasting tradition promoting companies and products regarded by customers as the most reliable.  
„Najlepsze w Polsce" is approved by the European Commission – it is the warranty of the top quality of services and highest customer service quality.

Product quality customers’ competition  konkurs jakości produktów „Dobre, bo polskie" – „Good because Polish!”

Product quality customers’ competition  konkurs jakości produktów
„Dobre, bo polskie" – „Good because Polish!”


Dr.Marcus International has been allowed to use „Dobre, bo polskie” logo. The competition is organized by Wielkopolska Foundation.


The winners are chosen by customers, that is people who, on a daily basis, buy and use awarded products.


The awards are granted for the highest quality of products meeting expectations and demands of customers.


Employer – Safe work organizer

Employer – Safe work organizer


Dr.Marcus International is a laureate of the competition regional level – Employer – Safe work Organizer organized by a branch of the National Labour Inspectorate  .
The purpose of this competition is promoting best safety and Labour protection practices including inspiring companies to create safe and ergonomic work places.






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