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1. Where can I buy a refill for the Dr. Marcus air freshener?


Refills can be purchased in most of super and hypermarkets, as well as at some petrol stations and motor shops. This is a perfect opportunity to save money, since a part of the air freshener that is attached to air ventilation grill is virtually not subject to wearing out.





2. To which air fresheners can I get refills?


Refills are available for the following air fresheners: Dr.Marcus Flower, Speaker, Harmony and the Spark, Slim, Senso Regulated.

3. What is the proper way of mounting Dr. Marcus air-freshener in a car?


For sure, the picture manual attached below. Always remember to mount the glass container in a vertical position. This also applies to cellulose fragrances. In case of air fresheners – hangers, it is important to hang them in such a way that it does not touch any interior elements.

 A link to the manual




4. Where are Dr. Marcus air fresheners manufactured?


Dr. Marcus air fresheners are manufactured in a state-of-the art manufacturing facility localized in Kalisz, which employs nearly 200 employees. In the past, the company received certificate of the products quality customers’ competition „Good because Polish!”. Dr.Marcus, apart from this, has been a Winner of the 10th edition of the region al competition – „Employer – safe work organizer”. None of our products is manufactured in China.





5. I am an allergic. Can I use Dr.Marcus air fresheners in my car?


All products are certified by the State Institute for Hygiene. Proper use of Dr.Marcus air fresheners, according to the manual, will not lead to any negative health effects, even in case of people suffering from allergy.






6. How long do Dr.Marcus air fresheners last?


Dr.Marcus car air fresheners are characterized with a long life. They remain the aroma for up to 45 days, and some lines even up to 65 days. The exact usage time depends on many factors, e.g. fragrance intensity setting.





7. Where can I buy Dr.Marcus air fresheners?




Dr.Marcus air fresheners are available in a wide, national distribution network – Dr.Marcus products can be found either in hyper as well as supermarkets and in motor shops. They are also available at petrol stations.






8. How to properly install the product at the control panel?


For that purpose, please read the picture manual attached to the product. We also attached it here. Just follow two most important principles: the air freshener must be in vertical position and hang the clip to the ventilation grid according to the manual.  

Link to the manual






9. Where to hang a cellulose air freshener in the cab?


Traditionally, the best places are: rear-view mirror’s grip, and handles for the back seat passengers. They are located near soffit ceiling.






10. Does Dr.Marcus particularly recommend any air fresheners for the fall-winter season?


During the fall – Winter season, we particularly recommend air fresheners with warm aromas. The most popular fragrances include Vanilla which is available almost in all Dr.Marcus’s product lines.





11. Where and how to file claims concerning a product? What needs to be included in the claim so that it is quickly processed?

All claims must be sent to the following email address: drmarcus@dr-marcus.com lor by mail, to the company address given in the Contact us tab. It is recommended to attach car interior’s photo.






12. My control panel does not have traditional ventillation grids? What solution would you recommend me?


We recommend the following products: Senso Deluxe, Senso Spray, but also Dr.Marcus Ecolo, Dr.Marcus Car Gel, Dr.Marcus Pump Spray and Dr.Marcus Original.






13. Does Dr.Marcus send free product samples?


No, we do not send any free product samples. We only offer full-size air fresheners which you can receive as a gift during events sponsored by us or at the Platinum Rally Team service zone - Dr.Marcus is the main sponsor of the Team. Our products are a prize in various competitions organized on the original fanpage of the company on Facebook.

Link to fanpage'a Facebook





14. What does Dr.Marcusek stand for – official mascot of the company?


Dr.Marcusek is a cartoon customer advisor. Its task is to present suggestions and information concerning use of a car and properties of company’s products.






15. What product lines does the company offer to customers?


The offer of car air fresheners includes the Senso and Dr.Marcus lines. The company also products Titanium car cosmetics line. Dr. Marcus International offers a range of 180 products, thanks to which every vehicle user can choose air freshener with the shape and fragrance.







16. What are the most popular fragrances chosen by Polish drivers?


A very popular fragrance among drivers is Vanilla. Polish people buying air fresheners also very often choose sea breeze (Ocean). New Car and Fresh Melon, Green Tea or Coffee are also recognized among customers.






17. I would like to become a distributor of your company. Whom I should contact?


To find out more about cooperation opportunities, please send us an email to the following address: drmarcus@dr-marcus.com







18. Does Dr.Marcus offer air fresheners in ecological enclosure?


Of course, an example of such air freshener is Dr.Marcus Ecolo. A glass bottle with a wooden cork and leather tag – available in many aromas and certainly, everyone will find something for themselves.






19. Which of the fragrances offered by Dr.Marcus have positive influence on concentration while driving a car?


Dr.Marcus offer is coffee – scented Ecolo air freshener. Based on research results, coffee scent can considerably improve the comfort of driving, as it has positive influence on the concentration and stimulates thinking.







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