What is scent?


Every day, we smell hundreds or even thousands of various scents which, in different ways, influence our mood, behaviour or even health. Scents evoke olfactory experiences, stimulate our senses.


Therefore, there is no way to overestimate the role of fragrances in our lives.
That is why, the selection of appropriate fragrance composition for interiors in which we live, work, is of crucial importance. In places wrapped in fragrances bearing pleasant associations, we tend to stay more willingly and, what is more, we feel better inside of them.

What is smell?


Smell is one of the earliest developed senses by means of which we perceive stimuli from the surrounding world. It is incredibly sensitive – per only 5 sq cm of the nose, there is, on average, one million smell nerves.


It is thanks to them that we can fully smell the world – the majority of chemical compounds surrounding us have a specific scent – more or less intensive.


Do you know that?

Scents can bring back memories?


It takes place as human scent receptors which, as the first ones, receive stimuli connected with smell, are connected to the amygdala – a centre controlling emotions and body drives.

Women are more sensitive to scents than men?

Apparently, it is related to greater emotionality of the fairer sex - women can identify sex and mood of a given individual smelling their scent.


But because of the fact that men have a better scent memory it is them who, in majority, compose fragrances.

I sit possible to send fragrances via a PC?

Several years ago, certain company developed an attachment to a PC that enabled sending fragrances via the Internet. A small dimension attachment in the shape of a ball receives data from a server.
The data include details concerning ingredients of the „final” fragrance, which subsequently is diffused by means of a special nozzle.  A test version could generate up to 36 different fragrances.

Are fragrances often used to encourage to shopping?

Fragrances are sprayed  not only in front of bakeries or groceries. Special fragrances whose aim is to put us in a shopping mood, are composed for clothes shops.


Those fragrances are also used by hotels, where it is particularly important to create a nice, home-like atmosphere; or SPA – where the fragrance help relax.

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